Design Overview

Ridgwells offers a full design service helping our clients to understand how a building will look, function and operate even before it is constructed. So our design team and the client can make decisions earlier and ensure that the building performs as predicted from day one. 

Bed 4 En-Suite TOV 24-11-16.jpg


  1. Entire floor floorplans
  2. Future state floorplans with associated existing internal area and external areas 
  3. External layouts
  4. Single room floorplans

Bespoke Items

  1. Furniture
  2. Shelving
  3. Gates
  4. Doors
  5. Windows
  6. Thresholds
  7. Natural stone fabrication detailing - worktops / ledges / sills / Hearths
  8. 2nd fix joinery - skirting, architraves, liners

Structural Detailing

  1. Floor construction make-up details
  2. Steelwork arrangements / details